Convert @mycingular Email Addresses to @att

Because AT&T acquired Cingular, anyone with an Blackberry email address of the form, now has a new address of the form  
The attached file can be used to convert all the email addresses in all the Contacts in your Outlook Contacts folder from mycingular addresses to att addresses.

My Take on Google IMAP With Thunderbird 2

  1. Make sure IMAP is enabled in your GMail account settings (on
  2. File/New/Account/Email_Account and click Nexw


Notes on SMS (short text messages to/from cell phones):

Set Up SSH Service on Windows

Tested on Windows XP Pro SP2 on a Windows Domain network. The following instructions assume that you want to install to "C:\Program Files\OpenSSH" and that you want your SSH server to run under the user-ID "sshd" and that you'll create a home directory for sshd named C:\OpenSSH-server.  You'll need to edit where appropriate if you make other choices.

GnuCash from Quicken

I'm going to try GnuCash.  I know from previous experience that I'll receive a bunch of the following error messages when importing my Quicken QIF file.

Learning Scala

Here are my notes on learning Scala:


  •  Not a lot of tool support yet.  JEdit syntax highlighting works OK, as do some other editors. Eclipse plugin provides more capability, but it is slow.
  • Environment variables:
    • SCALA_HOME=/path/to/scala/dir
    • PATH (add $SCALA_HOME/bin)

Notes on the language proper:

Hello World:


"Politics is really just the art of getting people to agree on what they're going to do." (Unknown origin)


GrandCentral is major cool, but sometimes I spend too long figuring out how to do something I've done before.  Here are some notes:


  • To change the announced caller name
    • Go to the Inbox, and select Call Log
    • Click on a non-anchor portion of the call in question.  It will show a received call panel.
    • Enter the text of the name you want it to announce.

Getting Started with Scala's Lift Framework

I thought I'd take a look at Scala and the Lift Framework. Everything below is running in my Win2K VM with 512MB memory assigned to the VM. My Eclipse Workspase is K:\code.


Moving Cygwin

Suppose you have Cygwin installed on one drive, and you need to move it to another.  Just for grins, let's assume that you are going to move it using Windows Explorer (i.e. not using Cygwin to move Cygwin).  This is something that I have to do from time to time, because I work as a consultant, and I move from PC to PC pretty often.  When you do this, pieces of Cygwin break.  Here's where I keep track of the things I have to do after moving Cygwin.

  1. cd ~
  2. chown kevin:kevin *
  3. chown kevin:kevin .*
  4. chmod go-rwx .ssh/*


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