Lastpass Search by Password

Lastpass does not search in passwords. If you have a password and you don't know which site it goes with, what can you do?

Export your Lastpass data to a CSV file and search the CSV file.

Don't forget to secure-delete the file when you're finished.

Sublime Text Hints

  • To pretty-print HTML, use
    • Once installed, select Tools >> Command Palette, and type "htmlprettify"

Unable to Acccess OneNote

I started OneNote this morning and received, "OneNote can't start. This might be because there's not enough free disk space or because we don't have permission to write to files in your user settings folder. If you're out of disk space, please try to free some up. Otherwise, contact your system administrator."

It turns out that I used to have Admin rights on this PC and they were revoked overnight. OneNote created a C:\Tmp\OneNoteRuntimeCache folder which I was unable to access without my Admin rights. I couldn't even take ownership of the folder and grant myself rights.

Alternatives to LastPass

LastPass Alternatives

I'm not entirely happy with the Logmein purchase of Lastpass. I'm looking at alternatives.

I need passwords on my laptop, my employer's laptop, and my cell phone. I'd like access

to them when I use a web browser elsewhere, but I could refer to my cell phone data.

I need sync across platforms. I need 2 factor authentication (2FA).

Set up Edimax AC600 WiFi Dongle to Auto-connect to VMware Guest on a Windows Host

Automatically connect EDIMAX AC 600 USB WiFi to VMware Player guest:

Do this with VMware shut down!

MacBook Pro Retina Locks Up Until Mouse Plugged In

a.k.a. MacBook Pro Retina locks up internal keyboard and touchpad

Every now and then, my MacBook Pro Retina locks up the keyboard and the touchpad. Plugging in a mouse and clicking somewhere recovers it. This is reportedly due to Android File Transfer, which I do use. I removed AFT from my auto-started applications and killed it.

If this doesn't fix it, I'm going to add a mouse jiggler to my carry kit. (USB device that moves a mouse a few pixels every few seconds to defeat screen saver.) Small and and easy to use recovery device.

Clojure Gibberish

If you see a word in a clojure program (e.g. apply, map, defn...) you can use Google to find out what it means. Just search for "clojure" and the word. Try that with something like curly braces or #' or '( or... This makes it tough for a beginner to read code written by someone at a higher skill level.

This is a list of the non-word character sequences which have a special meaning in Clojure that I had to look up at one time or another.

Text Editors

I'm an intermittent programmer. I program for a while, then I work on other things, then I do some more programming. I may take a break of months or even years between programming sessions.

I need a text editor, suitable for programming, that doesn't require intense familiarity with it in order to be moderately productive.

Xubuntu Window Borders Too Small - Unable to Resize Windows in Xubuntu 14.04

This is apparently an issue of dogma. Here's a workaround, if you don't care about the dogma.

Go to Settings -> Window Manager -> select Daloa. This gives you thicker window borders.

How to Use vundle

  • Install vundle

    • You might want to start with an EMPTY .vim folder and an EMPTY .vimrc file. Backup your existing ones! {{{ git clone ~/.vim/bundle/vundle }}}
  • Put this in your .vimrc (at the top, if you did not start with an empty .vimrc) {{{ " ============= vundle BEGIN ================ set nocompatible filetype off set rtp+=~/.vim/bundle/vundle/ call vundle#rc() Plugin 'gmarik/vundle'


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