Install and Configure an OpenVPN Server on Linux

Installing OpenVPN is easy:

On your Pi:

Basic Raspberry Pi Setup - Installing Raspbian

Buy a Raspberry Pi "kit" from someone like Amazon. While you can buy a bare Pi for less, the kit should include:

Surf Safe at Starbucks

Running your own OpenVPN service, and why you would want to...

Dangers of Open WiFi

See Dangers of Open WiFi.

Solution: OpenVPN

See Solution OpenVPN.

Wondering how a VPN keeps your data private? See: How Does a VPN Work?

What is On My Android Phone

I'm having trouble with bluetooth breaking up and not connecting. It happens on multiple headsets, so I suspect the phone. I'm going to try wiping it. Here's what I had before the wipe.

Change Autohotkey Editor

I wanted to change the editor used when clicking on "Edit this Script" on an Autohotkey icon, from Notepad to Notepad++. There are many references to this, but they all assume that Autohotkey is installed and I'm running it semi-portably. (i.e. I have the files on a flash drive and I never installed it.)

I saved the following in a .reg file in my Autohotkey folder, so I can load it into the registry wherever I plug in my flash drive.

That's Just...

My college band director had a large ego, an iconic style of conducting, and a loud opinion. He had a PhD, so we referred to him as "Doc." (We addressed him as Doctor so-and-so.) Here's a story we liked to tell.

A trumpet player died and went to heaven. St. Peter was showing him around. Off in the distance, they saw a figure conducting erratically, and shouting, "You're horrible! Play BETTER."

"Who's that?" asked the trumpet player.

"That's just God. He thinks he's Doc," said St. Peter.

WiFi Signal Strength and WiFi Access point List for Linux

Need a way to list all the visible access points, with signal strength and signal quality, on a Ubuntu Linux system?

For a one-shot listing (with color coding):

nmcli d wifi

For ongoing listing:

watch nmcli d wifi

For something fancier:

sudo apt-get install linssid

Yeah, I know about WiFi scanners for Android and iPhone. In this case, I don't actually need to know the WiFi signals -- I need to know how well my Linux system's WiFi card sees the signals.

Storm Damage 2017

  • The cable hook for my service drop pulled out.
  • It pulled off a 4 foot section barge board.
  • It broke an 8 foot section of moulding.
  • I need the barge board reattached, and I need new, near-match moulding installed up to the peak, about 16 feet.
  • Paint the attached wood with close match (white).
  • This is the gable of a two-story house.
  • The barge board is a 1x8.
  • The moulding is 3".
  • If you can also attach a cable hook too, how much more is that?

The big picture:

Plantronics Savi W440 Savi W440 Wireless Headset

The Plantronics Savi W440 Savi W440 Wireless Headset is the worst headset for PC-based VOIP... except for all the others, which are worst.

I really want a comfortable, high audio quality, long-range, wireless headset for use with VOIP on my laptop. I need to be able to roam the floor, to visit the break room, etc. I'm often on the phone all day and I can't stay at my PC.

Skype for Business Troubleshooting and Tips

We're transitioning from dedicated phone handsets to PC-based telephony at work. i.e. We are taking away desk phones and telling people to use Skype for Business (SFB) on their laptops. We block ordinary Skype, so our users must use SFB (a.k.a. Microsoft Lync).

Here are some observations from the user perspective, following from that experience.


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